I am a Visionary Partner, and I support business owners as they realize their visions. I was born on January 1st, 1972. In January, 1999 I started my own business. I am the owner of Wani Management Consulting Co. Ltd. and Visionary Planet Co. Ltd. and currently serve as the chairman on Yumeoka LLP.
I act as an external partner to small business owners who are troubled by the lack of capable leaders within their company; my company spirit (motto) is"Inspiring Consulting". My main work is coaching, to help business owners get clear about what they really want to do and to help them find the solutions within themselves. I am committed to always thinking about ways to improve not only business, but also life. I am an achiever and I learn from my mistakes. Then based on my own experiences, I consult with business owners about how to achieve their visions, using my theory of "Money, Time and Communication" management. I always consult with my clients in a simple and easy to understand way. For Japanese speakers, I also sell my know-how, via my web site, as DVD seminars for home study and I have gotten good feedback from users that I speak in a friendly and easy to understand manner. For English speakers, if you are interested in having me present at your company, please contact me.

Recently, in addition to consulting to business owners, I have had many invitations to give in-house seminars to companies, to hold study groups and other such meetings. I also assist accounting firms to create better partnerships with their clients. In 2006, I set up Yumeoka LLP with my partner, Hiroyuki Niwa, and we are working to spread the word of "Employees as owners" (Open Book Management).

I have written several books, "逆ザヤ社員が稼げる社員に変わる法" (Changing Low-Productivity Staff into High-Productivity Staff) "脱★ドンブリ経営" (Freeing Your Company from Guesstimate Management) (both through Diamond Publishing). And "夢現力" (The Power that Makes Your Dreams Come True) and "成功ノート術" (Success Habits) (both through Goma Books, "キャッシュフロー経営って?" (What really is Cash Flow Management?) (through Dental Diamond Publishing) and so on. I have also translated "Visionary Business" by Marc Allen (published by Sogo Horei). I also send out a free email newsletter, "The Wani Report" and consistently get good feedback from my readers that they have gotten good inspiration and motivation from this newsletter.

Mission:Realizing Your Vision

I am willing and do my best to support my clients, their words of "thank you" become the source of my strength and the best motivation of all. I believe that my mission is to help others "Create a structure that will move them towards realizing their visions".

Company Spirit (Motto):Inspiring Consulting

  1. Concerning Clients : Attention to the Details
  2. Concerning Service : Advice that is Immediately Usable
  3. Concerning Staff and Partners : Making best use of synergy

Self-Image:Visionary Partner

I am a visionary partner, I support my clients to achieve their visions with inspiring consulting and I grow and increase my abilities along with them.


  This is the Credo of Wani Management and Partners.
  • This credo is the basic philosophy of Wani Management Consulting. We understand this credo and accept it as our own. We base our decisions and actions on this credo.
  • Our mission is "Realization of Visions". Thus, we offer full support to small business owners so that they can escape from the all-too-common state of "Guesstimate Management", and start to realize their vision. And we enjoy this process of growing with our customers.
  • We speedily pass on our well-established know-how to the next generation, we are always seeking the next fresh new theme, and forever increasing our skills, and thoroughly enjoy our own self-development.
  • We base our actions on the key word, "OPEN". This means that among the partners, and with our clients, we fully disclose all that we are doing in a simple and easy to understand way. We fully understand that "Hidden actions affect productivity and make it difficult to trust each other" and thus we respect the open environment style.
  • We aim for unusually high levels of productivity. Productivity means, "Output (amount of production) divided by Input (amount of action, time, resources and so on)" and we try to achieve maximum output from minimum input. We understand that increased productivity will enrich our lives spiritually and economically.
  • The service that we offer includes creating a warm bond between our clients and us. We are living in the age of communication and yet we understand that our clients can sometimes feel loneliness and thus we try to create a bond and help them fit in. And that is why we are able to be on our clientfs side and create good and equal long-term partnerships. Our true goal is increased productivity and so we focus on creating good relationships.
  • We keep our promises. We aim to keep 100% of our promises for every role and deadline, and if for some reason it looks like that will not be possible, we raise the alarm in a timely manner. In addition, we have the power to get help from other partners, and for a challenging problem we can take a team approach to solve the problem without difficulty.
  • We place top priority on facilitating communication. Because we are not in a position to meet with our partners every day, we make the best use of communication tools such as the internet, mobile telephones, faxes and so on, according to the TPO (Time, Place, Occasion), to promote quick and easy two-way communication.
  • When our clients are troubled by problems or feeling anxious about something, we offer lively solutions based on a mix of our own expertise and experience. In fact, for us even when difficult problems occur, we treat them as a chance for creating new products and so we actually welcome such problems.
  • We are excited to be progressing and moving forward every day. Our drive and positive energy affects all people that are involved with us, and this creates a positive thinking spiral, and the synergy effect caused by this lets us all realize our dreams.
  • We respect each otherfs time. We avoid using vague expressions as much as possible, for example, we don't say, "by the end of the month" instead we say, "by 6pm on the 10th of this month" and setting concrete deadlines is common practice for us.
  • We are in the habit of talking about everyday things in terms of data and numbers. We know that there is a risk of decreased productivity if we use ambiguous words because such words can lead to slight differences in our understanding.
  • Whenever we quote information or data in our services and products we always make sure that the information and source is correctly stated. Our product deals with information. First, we must respect and value that information, as that is connected to an increased value of our own product.
  • We treat all aspects of management -- including business operations -- as a game, and we are serious about enjoying it.