Success Habits Seminar  - Small Habits that Make Big Dreams Come True! -

“No more theory! I want a practical method.”

If you have longed for a seminar on practical and effective methods for success habits, then this is the seminar for you.

Wani Management Consulting ワニ マネジメント コンサルティング Visionary Partner Tatsuya Wani

This seminar not only tells you the concepts of how to be successful, but it also shows you the tools and methodology that I have actually been using since I set up my business. I truly believe that this seminar will give you everything you need to take the first step towards achieving your goal.

“Make a list of what you want.”

“Be careful about phrases that you have a habit of saying.”

“Get your priorities straight before you spin your wheels.”

“Set your goals before setting your plans”

You’ve probably heard these and many other similar ideas, right? Many business books and seminars say these things and they are all correct.

BUT, none of these tell you specifically how or where to begin.

Have you ever sat down and actually made a list of what you want? Many books and seminars suggest you do this, but you probably wondered, “How do I do it? What kind of list? What kind of paper?” As a result you most likely ended up thinking, “Well, let’s leave it for now, I can do it some other time,” and I bet you forgot about it, right? Because this applies to 99% of people, I decided to make my seminar more practical rather than full of ideas that people will never put into practice.

Here I would like to show you some examples of my know-how and actual tools that I have been using since I set up my business.

The following is a list of what I have achieved by putting my methods into practice:
  • My annual income is four times more than it was when I was a salaried worker.
  • Every month I get more consulting requests than I can handle so I have to turn down some offers. (I am no longer concerned about whether my business will succeed enough for me to provide for my family)
  • As well as the consulting business, the range of my work has greatly expanded, for instance I have written and published books. And I also do workshops and merchandising.
  • I enjoy successful relationships with my business partners and customers. Not only that, my family relationships are very happy too and we always spend quality time together.
  • I stay more centered and am more decisive now. I rarely hesitate when making a decision.
  • I am surrounded by people who understand my vision and want to help me reach it.
Mr. Niwa has been a valued friend of mine for over 10 years. He has been in charge of my business’s strategy since 2004. Below are some of his thoughts.
“The same small actions over many years have made Mr. Wani into a new person, I hardly recognize him now!”

“Having seen such an improvement in him, I thought I should do the same thing, right away, otherwise I would live to regret it.”

“I have been doing the Wani method for 3 months now. I have been incorporating the habits into my life, and all up I have 9 new habits that I am continuing to use.”
It may be hard for beginners to start using all of the ideas introduced in this seminar at once. So just take one of them to start with and once you have assimilated it you will see some changes in yourself. In this seminar I will show you how to make and use actual tools which will lead you to success step-by-step.

Seminar Content

  • The Habit of Maintaining Your Vision.
    ・Visionary plan, Visionary map.
  • The Habit of Staying Centered.
    ・Affirmation notebook.
  • The Habit of Realizing Your Successes.
    ・Success diary.
  • The Habit of Increasing Your Ability.
    ・ “1 action - 3 goals”, Post-it-note and Idea notebook.
  • The Habit of Staying Balanced.
    ・ Biorhythms diary, identity control.
The following is what you will take away from the seminar
  • You will have the affirmation notebook that will make you a different person within a year.
  • You will be able to control your life roles so that you can easily switch from ‘Business mode’ to ‘Family mode’.
  • You will understand how to use the “1 Action – 3 Goals” idea which will make you three times as productive.
  • You will develop a system to catch any ideas you come across so you can put them into shape for your projects.
  • You will start a new habit of keeping a Success Diary so that you have a record of successful activities that will lead to you feeling more and more confident.
If you have a dream, I believe that this seminar will help your dream come true even sooner. I sincerely wish that your dream will come true.

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Wani Management Consulting  Visionary Partner / Managing Director Tatsuya Wani